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The following are events the I&R Platoon attended in 2011.

19 March, 2011. Delay the Inevitable. Ft Custer, Battle Creek, MI. We stayed in the barracks for the first time both Friday and Saturday nights and enjoyed the catered dinner and trivia game on Saturday night. The RETO tactical battle was the best we have experienced and took place during near perfect weather. The Allies successfully defeated the German forces and captured all Allied objectives as well as all of the ones open to either side. Our side also successfully completed the "mission."  Tturnout for the 45th was 11 members and we were strengthened by three members of the 10th Mountain Division. Our own Unit Commander, Keith Bonney, was Allied XO and did an oustanding job. We had a great time at this event and special thanks go out to Alan Militich and his "Wiking" unit for once again hosting an oustanding event.
In attendance were: Keith Bonney, Rob Wall, Shawn Clark (10th Mtn), Fred Chapman, Mike Wall, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai, Caleb Chapman, Casey Clark (10th Mtn), Chris Melanson (10th Mtn), Ryan Miller (recruit, aka Junior) and Paul Garrett.

16 April, 2011. D-Day Plus 8. Onsted, MI. Another fun tactical event with a lot of fire and maneuver tactics. Allies and German forces were pretty evenly matched and the Germans put up some stiff resistance in the village. The rain fell mostly beofre the event started but we had a few squalls throughout the day and some mud to slog through. Our last battle concluded in a grenade duel between us and the last few enemy defenders. The event ended (for us anyway) a little earlier than in the past due to the fact that we completely ran out of ammo. There was a whole lotta shootin' goin' on. Another good event from Mike and A/506 boys. A Big Thanks to Fred Bahlau for providing the battle grounds and always having great stories. In attendance were: Keith Bonney, Lance Aldritch, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Caleb Chapman, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai, and Paul Garrett.

29 April - 1 May, 2011. WWII Tribute at Buckley Homested, Lowell, IN. Much to our surprise and pleasure, this weekend was sunny and warm rather than rain filled as originally forecast. The main battlefield was closed on Saturday due to muddy conditions, but open for Sunday and the public got to see all the armor in action at that time. The only disappointment was not seeing the Tiger tank on the field, but seeing it on display was quite impressive. Saturday's battles were held on the skirmish field and used half of the reenactors in the morning and the other half in the afternoon, but no vehicles were allowed in the pasture. We met and talked to a lot of  interesting people and got reaquainted with a WWII 45th Division Veteran, Joe Urban, whom we met last year and who also assured us will be back to see us next year. We are definitely looking forward to it, Joe. Lowell is always a great event and this year was no exception. Spending time doing what we love, with good friends, and meeting new ones is always a pleasure and this year's better than expected weather made it that much more so. In attendence were: Keith Bonney, John Baumer, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai, and Paul Garrett.

27-30 May, 2011. Anzio Express. Union, IL Despite the weather this was a great event once again. The unique battle scenarios as well as being held on the premises of the Illinois Railroad Museum make this an interesting and fun event. The Platte River Canteen reenactment was a fun scenario that allowed all of our male and female unit members to get involved together and at the same time (which doesn't usually happen on a battlefield).We met a lot of great people and were able to spend time with a number of veterans who shared some fascinating experiences with us. The dance on Saturday night was fun and allowed us the chance to unwind a bit after the day's events. As mentioned, rain on Sunday curtailed some of the planned events, but the main battle went off on schedule and was a success. Thanks to the 10th Mountain Division reenactors and all who worked so hard to make this event possible. We had a great time and really enjoyed the weekend. In attendence were: Keith Bonney, Rob & Lynda Wall, John Baumer, Mike Wall & Jessie Linnabary, Matt and Dan Ziemer, and Paul Garrett.
24-26 June, 2011. American Heritage and Heroics Festival, River Place Shops, Frankenmuth, MI. Our first time here, and this timeline event was very enjoyable. We had great weather and a steady stream of visitors. There was plenty to see and do so there was never a dull moment. Each day there was a small display battle for us as well as other time periods which showed how weapons developed over time and gives everyone a better appreciation of what our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines went through. The event coordinators and staff did a wonderful job putting this event on and we were treated extremely well. There was even an all-you-can-eat dinner for us in an air-conditioned dining room on Saturday that was very tasty and our camp area was one of the best we have seen. Thanks to Abigail Wayfield of the National Society of Living Historians and the Zehnder family in particular for putting this on. We will definitely be back next year. In attendence were: Keith Bonney, Rob & Lynda Wall, John Baumer, Ken & Charlie Strickrodt, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai, Jeffrey Adams and Paul Garrett.

22-24 July, 2011. Thunder Overr Michigan, Belleville, Michigan. One of our hottest events ever, but the event staff did a great job of supplying much needed water and ice. The weather was mixed with sun alternating with clouds and rain, but overall, apart from the heat, was very good. This year the morning battle was a European scenario similar to last year, but the afternoon battle was loosely based on the Peleliu landing in the Pacific. Two Japanese Zeros, six F4U Corsairs, four LVTs and two M5 Stuart Tanks took part in this battle as well as an original WWII flamethrower that set fire to two bunkers. The LVTs also gave rides Friday night during the Thunder Run and parade in the lake in Belleville. It was a great event and we all had a wonderful time. In Attendence were: Keith Bonney, Rob and Lynda Wall, John Baumer, Lance, Melissa, Aiden and Anya Aldrich, Fred, Caleb and Silas Chapman with Wyatt, Ken and Charlie Strickrodt, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai and Leann Grimm, Jeffrey Adams, and Paul Garrett

6-7 August, 2011. Kennekuk Park, Danville, IL. Our first time at this event, but we enjoyed ourselves and the hospitality of the 82nd Airborne who let us share the train station. The park is huge and has a lot of potential for even bigger events. The battles took place in and around the historic village, with Allied forces made up of US, British, and Russian reenactors. Between battles there were weapons demonstrations and the public toured the different campsites. The 82nd cook, Chester, provided meals for many of us and there was a barn dance on Saturday night. The only downside to the event was that very few public spectators turned out to see it. Surely this will be rememdied for next year. In Attendance were: Keith Bonney, Dan Ziemer, Mike Lezotte, Joe Szomolyai, and Paul Garrett.

24-25 September, 2011. Rockford, IL. All you need to say is one word - Rockford - and everyone who is at all familiar with reenacting knows what you are talking about. Turnout for this year's event was reported to be around 1300 reenactors, which made it the largest in the country. Our guys arrived on Thursday (the first time we did that), stayed with friends and got an early start setting up camp Friday morning. We also were able to dig a horseshoe machine gun position at our campsite this year. It was a big hit with the public. Saturday night's entertainment began with an original War Department training film put on by the 10th Mountain Division medics. The film dealt with the dangers of what we now call STDs and replica pro-kits were handed out to each soldier. The traditional dance at the museum followed. Both the 45th and the 10th were able to undergo some field training over the weekend as well take part in town, woods, and main battles.  In attendance were: Keith Bonney, Matt and Dan Ziemer, and Mike Lezotte.

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