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The following are events the I&R Platoon attended in 2012.

19 March, 2011. Delay the Inevitable. Ft Custer, Battle Creek, MI. We arrived at Fort Custer in a torrential downpour which subsided to an off and on light rain/mist for Saturday. We started out defending the CP for most of the morning but sent out a few short patrols to nearby areas. We borrowed a BC-611 radio from the 9th ID which worked well until we left to probe the German positions in the afternoon. From then on we were out of radio contact. Upon making contact with the enemy (5th Wiking), we were soundly rebuffed. Ever swinging left, we eventually found a way around them and movied down a stream in a small gulley. After hearing some noises to our right, we surprised some Germans who had no idea we were to their rear. Moving on we found a German objective and left half our unit to guard that while the rest of us found and secured one of our objectives. At this point we decided to continue on back to our CP in the same direction rather than retrace our route. We managed to return undetected and score a point for our side. The entire patrol ended up traversing nearly the entire circumference of the training area and allowed us to put into practice many of the tactics we had trained for. This is one of the most gratifying aspects of tactical events like this one and is our primary goal rather than focusing on which side wins and which loses. In attendance were: Keith Bonney, Matt and Dan Ziemer, Mike Lazotte, Joe Szomolyai, Doug Fesko, Jared Hart (from 10th Mountain) and Paul Garrett.

13-15 April, 2012. LHRA National Spring Battle. Camp Atterbury.  Wet weather was a challenge at this event as well as some teething problems as it is a new event at a new location, but this is one that shows great promise for the future. This is emersion event  (the first for us) took place overnight Friday/Satirday and throughout the day. Paratroopers "dropped " in around 0100 while Germans patrolled the area. In the morning ground forces arrived and the battle continued. The tank battle was very cool to see. Only a small group from our unit was able to attend, but we look forward to next year and will have more participation.

5-7 May, 2012. WWII Tribute at Buckley Homested, Lowell, IN.  This has been one of the staple events of the reenacting season and really kicks off the public schedule. We, unfortunately , had smaller than usual participation, but those who attended had a good time. Hope to be back next year.

8-10, 2012. Rails to Victory at the Fox River Trolley Museum. S. Elgin, IL.  Our first time at this event which was similar to the Union event of the last two years. This is no surprise as the same people organized this event as did the previous years' Union events. The trolley museum is a nice location along the Fox River and offers some unique sites to hold an event. We took part in the "Tour of France" in which the public spectators rode trolley cars and witnessed various scenes from occupied France and its subsequent liberation by Allied forces and partisans. We met some great people from other units and really enjoyed the event. The camp sites were nice and offered some shade from the hot sun of the weekend. And of course we enjoyed camping next to our friends from the 10th Mountain Division. This is a great event and one which we look forward to attending in the future. In attendance were: Keith Bonney, Dan Zeimer, Doug and Shari Fesko, and Paul Garrett.

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